Winter Programs

“Continuous effort — not strength or intelligence — is the key to unlocking our potential.”
– Liane Cardes

At LFA we believe our In Season program is the gold standard in rugby league preparation and is designed specifically for young rugby league players with this in mind.

‘But the season is here, do I still need to train as hard?’

This a question we often hear from both players and parents who may be thinking that with the season being here it’s time to just focus on ‘regular footy training’ and games. Sure, you could do that, but there’s a good chance you will lose a lot of what you’ve worked hard to build during the summer in the following season. You will also not improve any of your key athletic abilities if you don’t do extra work.

What we’ve seen works is a modified program that allows you to continue to improve (at a somewhat slower pace than during the off season) whilst still being fresh and ready come game day. Young men have incredible recovery rates and we have found that if they continue training through the season they will become stronger, faster and more powerful than they were at the start, giving them every opportunity to take their game as far as they possibly can.

So what exactly are we looking to develop?

Strength. Power. Speed. Agility. Skill. Cardiovascular fitness and a high degree of mental toughness. That’s what!

Playing rugby league requires an athlete to possess all of these attributes while preparing for a violent game that carries with it a high risk of injury. At LFA we know exactly how to train young footballers to build speed, power, strength, skill, agility and a hard as nails mindset while also focusing on creating flexibility and mobility to decrease the potential for non-contact injuries.

Our integrated training system incorporates resistance training, speed and power work, cardiovascular training, close quarters skill work, nutritional intervention and flexibility/mobility training to meet the demands and rigours of rugby league. Combining all of these strategies is essential to spending more time on the field, dominating your opponent, and less time injured or on the bench. Our individualised approach allows for athletes to maximise their physical abilities while training specifically for the demands of their position.

All our players follow customised programs designed to meet individual goals and are based off of the results they achieved on our testing day. Our testing day covers the following areas:

SPEEDTimed 10, 20 and 40 meter sprint
POWERVertical jump test
Broad jump test single and double leg
(equivalency tests are done for inexperienced lifters)
Klatt test
Bench Press
Back Squat
Chin Up
Seated DB Shoulder Press
External Rotation from Knee
DB trap 3 raise
BODY COMPOSITIONSkin folds & Weight
Joint by joint flexibility and mobility test

Working with our team of qualified coaches, a comprehensive personalised plan is created to support each player and their specific needs. After the testing has been performed an analysis of the data is then conducted and the training begins.

Our players may not be professional athletes, but we believe they deserve to be supported as though they are. Keeping this in mind we use the same methodology used with professional NRL players (adjusted for their age and level of physical maturity of course) and put them through an 18 week preseason program (roughly 20 hours total per week) consisting of the following:

  • (PRO PROGRAM) 2 Personalised 120 min resistance training sessions per week

    The sessions are at our state of the art facility in Enfield and are geared towards the specific needs of each and every player.

  • (ELITE PROGRAM) 1 Personalised 120 min resistance training sessions per week

    The sessions are at our state of the art facility in Enfield and are geared towards the specific needs of each and every player.

  • Weekly body composition testing

    Via skin folds to ensure nutritional intake it optimal for the players goals, be it adding on size, reducing body fat or simply providing a healthy diet that maximizes their training output.

A comprehensive program to be completed in their own time that complements our in house training which will include:

  • Flexibility & mobility work

    Performed daily in their own time geared towards any inherent weaknesses or areas of tightness detected during the initial testing.

  • Daily ‘close quarters’ drills

    Done in their own time are close in ball skills, single to double hand grip changes, ability to offload with either hand, changing hands to fend with opposite hands and the ability to throw a ball with accuracy either way are all skills that either need to built and or further developed.

  • Development of accurate expectations of what it takes to become an outstanding athlete

    By ‘hanging around’ the greatest athletes of all time via, biographical books, documentaries, podcasts, interviews and movies; all players will see what it is to dedicate oneself toward the goal of becoming an elite athlete. This will arm them with a full understanding of what is required to become a professional rugby league player and succeed not only in football but also in life.

The gold standard in Rugby League preparation, LFA brings together all the aspects required to maximise your rugby league ability. Whether it’s the training in our facility in Enfield, nutritional intervention, massage and soft tissue work, access to NRL level physiotherapists if and when injuries do occur, LFA brings this together all under one banner giving you what you need to maximise your rugby league ability.

Program Details

Commences 9th March for the duration of the season.

PRO – x2 2 hour sessions

Days: Monday-Friday
Time: 4.15 – 6.15pm

ELITE – x1 2 hour session

Days: Monday-Friday
Time: 4.15 – 6.15pm